Booka Shade 'MORE!'


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Regarded by many as the best live electronic act in the world, Booka Shade have enjoyed a meteoric rise since establishing themselves with their breakthrough album ‘Memento’ in 2005. Worldwide club hits such as 'Body Language', 'In The White Rooms' and 'Charlotte' followed, as well as their second album 'Movements', which is regarded as one of the last decade's classic electronic albums. 5 years on and with the release of their fourth LP, the duo proves they are still hungry for More!

“The album is called More!. More refined production, more multi-layered atmospheres, more emotion.” Explains Arno Kammermeier (one half of Booka Shade), “We wanted this album to be more energetic with strong grooves and of course the typical Booka Shade melodies and atmospheres that we love. The album takes you through every stage of the night out; the excitement before you go out, the party, the late, late night, a bit of paranoia.... and then the sunny morning of a new day.”


1.Havanna Sex Dwarf

2.Donut (interpretation)


4.The Door

5.Teenage Spaceman

6.Divine (feat. Yello)


8.L.A. tely

9.Bad Love (feat. Chelonis R. Jones)

10.No Difference

11.This Is Not The Time


And if you've never seen Booka Shade... here is a taste of what you are missing.

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