Infected Mushroom 'Legend Of The Black Shawarma'


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What do you get when you combine Israeli psychedelic trance five gigantic sharks, Perry Farrell, and a little bit of Korn? Infected Mushrooms new album 'Legend Of The Black Shawarma' of course!

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psytrance and electronic outfit formed by Erez Eisen (also known as I.Zen) and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev) in the city of Haifa, in northern Israel. This is their 7th album and are known in Australia for headlining the STEREOSONIC & EARTHCORE Festivals. Their live shows are considered by devotees as life changing.

This is their Crossover album in the vein of Prodigy’s 'Fat Of The Land' and Pendulum’s 'In Silico'


1.Poquito Mas


3.End Of The Road

4.Smashing The Opponent (featuring Jonathan Davis)

5.Can't Stop

6.Herbert the Pervert

7.Killing Time (featuring Perry Farrell)

8.Project 1009. Franks


10.The Legend of the Black Shawarma

Riders On The Storm (Infected Mushroom Remix)


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Released 11-September-2009