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WARNING : BIG TUNES ALERT! FLOOR BURNERS! WEAPONS! TUUUUUNES! WEAPONS! BOMBS! In a world consumed by big tracks, it’s hard to know which will simply exploding out of your speakers, which will cause dance-floor damage and which will cause super massive fist pumps. Fear not – we have all of the above covered with ONELOVE’s first CLUB BANGERS compilation – available NOW!

Boasting a ridiculous number of BANNNNNGERSSSSS with a double dose of Beatport Top 100 Chart wunderkind Will Sparks’ delivering the epic Phoenix and underground anthem Chemical Energy. Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Record artists James Doman’s slamming The Key and Jacob Plant’s Shakedown, literal EDM megastar Dirty South & Deniz Koyu’s Halo. Superproducers Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries remix of Sean DeClase’s Invincible. Possibly the biggest dancefloor anthem of last year Bingo Players “Rattle” reborn as a Far East Movement collaboration Get Up (Rattle). House legend DJ Dan goes big on Avon Stringer’s You, Melbourne Sound godfathers Orkestrated deliver the fun punching Schticky, Heath Renata creates the worlds first spaghetti banger on Django Sidechained, Bad Life label dons Autokratz mix electro slayer Modek on Up With Me.

With an exclusive DJ mix by Generik, ONELOVE CLUB BANGERS VOL 1. has everything you need to turn the party volume up, tear holes in club sound systems and cause havoc on the dancefloor!


1. Phoenix - Will Sparks

2. The Key - James Doman

3. Halo - Dirty South & Deniz Koyu

4. Frankie Likes To Party - (Original Mix) - Will Reckless

5. Every Nation (J-Trick Remix) - The Mane Thing, Kyro & Bomber ft Oh Snap

6. Invincible (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix) - Sean DeClase

7. Get Up [Rattle] (Original Vox) - Bingo Players ft Far East Movement

8. Chemical Energy – Will Sparks

9. You (DJ Dan Mix) - Avon Stringer

10. Schticky (Vocal Mix) - Orkestrated ft Big N.A.B.

11. Django Sidechained - Heath Renata

12. One Heart (2Complex Rmx) - Matt Caseli, Marrs TV & Joel Edwards

13. Out Of My Mind - (Adrien Mezsi Mix) - Carl Kennedy, Nick Galea & Joel Edwards

14. Up With Me (Autokratz Remix) - Modek

15. Shakedown – Jacob Plant