Acid Jacks - Melbourne On Acid


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DJ / Producer / Frequent Flyer / A&R dude / Heavy-Bass Sound Explorer – Acid Jacks is notorious for heads down DJ sets and production that’s all about flipping expectations on their head. Point in case: you receive a track titled ‘Melbourne On Acid’ and would assume you’re about to hear the latest wiggle weapon, shrink wrapped in a juicy lead line with the standard preset offbeat bass - instead what you get is five and half minutes of 6-cylinder techno bassline constructed into a jaw-grinding hands in the air hard hitting ACID face-melter! A humungous distorted TB303 homage to his hometown city as featured on the new ‘ONELOVE presents MELBOURNE UNDERGROUND’ compilation and here delivered to you with a tailor made “Short Version” for the attention defficient DJs ‘Melbourne On Acid’ is big room techno at its squelchiest. ACID! ACID! ACID! OI! OI! OI!


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