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1st Single ‘Déjà Vu’ Highlights:

**Anyone pre-ordering the album on iTunes from May 5 to June 15 will receive an instant download of the lead single: Déjà Vu single as premiered by Annie Mac – BBC Radio 1** Lektroluv & ONELOVE proudly present MUMBAI SCIENCE’s debut album DÉJÀ VU featuring: Peaches, Mixhell, DJ Spank-Spank (Phuture) & Gustaph (Hercules & Love Affair). Déjà Vu takes you on a trip to a grim future, where partying is reduced to handing out business cards and personal trainers are the new superstars.  Although dealing with heavy themes such as moral decline and corporate totalitarianism, Maarten Elen & Jonas Kiesekoms bring their message with their usual quirky panache.

The Belgian duo, mostly known for their club hits ‘Ancova,’ ‘Gold’ and ‘Lotus,’ have been touring relentlessly the past years, reaching some of the coolest and most respected venues and festivals in the world.  From Fuse in Belgium to Space in Ibiza.  From Loft in Barcelona to Womb in Tokyo.  With their music widely supported by artists around the globe (from 2 many DJ’s and Erol Alkan to Boys Noize, Tiga and beyond), the sounds of their beloved craft have reached across the world. Recently they conquered American hearts as well with shows at EDC in Las Vegas, U Street Music Hall in Washington DC and various HARD events.

Déjà Vu the album, features collaborations with some of the finest talents of our generation.  DJ Spank-Spank from the legendary acid house formation Phuture delivers a mesmerizing vocal for ‘King Of The Top Floor,’ while cult superstar Peaches does not – and never will - shy away from controversy on ‘Whistleblower.’ Up-and-coming Belgian vocalist Gustaph (singer in the NY house collective Hercules and Love Affair) lends his golden voice on ‘The Call,’ and Mixhell fires up their thunder drums on Vegas.

The choice of guests on Déjà Vu wonderfully reflects the musical pilgrimage Mumbai Science undertook in the making of this album.  Tapping deep into their musical heritage, Mumbai Science bring a piece of work that reflects their own, wayward view on contemporary dance music.  Rough and dirty, but at the same time playful and quirky, without making any compromises on the artistic level.  Instead Mumbai Science took the path less traveled and ended up at an uncharted place that somehow feels right at home.

Mumbai Science’s debut album Déjà Vu will be out June 16th on Lektroluv & ONELOVE Records.  From techno-with-an-attitude, over faux-pas electro-clash to straight-up Belgian rave.  Expect a wonderful journey through the sound-scapes of Mumbai Science.


1. Hivemind 2. Déjà Vu 3. The Call (ft. Gustaph) 4. Lotus (Album Version) 5. Whistleblower (ft. Peaches) 6. Blame The World 7. Control 8. King Of The Top Floor (ft. DJ Spank-Spank of Phuture) 9. Price Tag 10. Tower Of Babel 11. Vegas (ft. Mixhell) 12. Déjà Vu (Album) Continuous Mix

BIO Mumbai Science consists of Jonas Kiesekoms and Maarten Elen. Before getting signed to Lektroluv Records they were involved in various musical projects, but it was only when the green doctor discovered their tropical sounds that things really started moving. The combination of the doctor’s enormous network and Mumbai Science’s instant drug appeared to be the ideal combination to put the duo on the international dance map.

After their first "Woof EP" the question on everyone's mind was: are they going to disappear in the Mumbai masses or are they more than just one in a billion...? With their latest "Ancova EP" came the answer to that question: Mumbai Science is here to stay! Still not convinced? Find yourself something to hold on to, because Mumbai Science’s new “Gold EP” is on it’s way to blow you away…

While working in Dr Lektroluv's underground lab for a few months now, they improved their sound to a whole new level. With dancefloor bangers like Ancova and Hoot, it's hard not to get cured... You say party, we say techno! What's next for Mumbai Science? The Nobel prize?

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