Apax - Saxophon


Just as the Australian heatwave starts to kick in, local DJ / Producer combo APAX (Cameron Woodard & Mitch Kurz) emerge from the primordial soup of modern Melbourne bangers (a city that gives life to new electro genres almost weekly) with their summertime anthem ‘Saxophon.

There is a point where East meets West, where Ying meets Yang, Day meets Night, Big meets Deep – at this point we find APAX’s ‘Saxophon’ – a tune big enough to herald the arrival of Melbourne’s latest talent and claim their spot in the ranks of fellow local alum Will Sparks, Zac Waters, Orkestrated, Slice N Dice, Zoolanda, Samual James and JDG.

A sax hook that sneaks its way inside your ears (like a ‘careless whisper’) combined with APAX’s razor electric production, ‘SAXOPHON’ is a mash of UK bassline, electro and sizzling big-deep “instagram house” – to be enjoyed during swimsuit shoots in some tropical location, fist pumps at a midnight bonfire, or big room dancefloors and played everywhere - LOUD!

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