Bobby Vena & Sebastian Morxx ft Chris Arnott


artworks-000041155165-gspva3-t500x500 When Australian producer Bobby Vena teamed up with South American Sebastian Morxx and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/wine connoisseur Chris Arnott to write ONE FAMILY, nobody expected the dazzling piece of super-tight robo funk that would come forth. Add to the mix a hot jackin Avon Stringer mix, PIXL's sonic assault remix, Jungle Jim's wiggly Melbourne influenced mix and a re rub by Chris Arnott himself and you have a family of hot production ready for one and all dancefloors.

01. Original Mix 02. Avon Stringer Remix 03. Chris Arnott Remix 04. PIXL Remix 05. Jungle Jim Remix 06. Original Instrumental