Dim Chris - Sh!t Up.


Dim Chris returns with a hair-raising slice of emotional energy... Movies may be a different genre of the media wheel, but every one knows sequels are never as good as the original. Yeah, there are exceptions, yet for every Empire Strikes Back or Godfather 2, there’s a Jaws, Hangover or Pirates of the Caribbean eager to crash the party. Well, be thankful music isn’t the movies because Dim Chris has just delivered the follow-up to ‘Show’ - his Mutants debut - and it’s a stone cold, bonafide classic. “I completed ‘Sh!t Up not long after ‘The Show’”, says Chris, “It is (hopefully) the epic sequel I intended it to be; I’m always trying to find harmonies and emotional synths layered against punchy sound and bass, and based on road testing it around the world ‘Sh!t Up’ is undoubtedly a bigger room continuation of my big room sound.” From Tokyo to Manilla, Macao, Poland or his native France, Chris has been dropping ‘Sh!t Up’ to devastating effect, as the man himself continues to explain, “I always try to remember my personal clubbing experiences when producing a track and use it to imagine how a crowd could react. It’s really pleasing when this realisation translates and you achieve your goal; with ‘Sh!t Up’ I could feel the energy in the crowd building, particularly when the drop comes in...” ‘Sh!t Up’ does indeed have all the hallmarks of the Dim Chris signature, what makes it so effective is the way he structures the track to build and develop, cleverly holding the riff back till the mid-point and all important brake-down. What further distinguishes it is the parent-pleasing sample that implores listeners to ‘switch that sh!t up’, and his unique knack of writing a melody; few can match his ability to create a riff as memorable or emotive. If it were a movie it would be Spinal Tap as this is undoubtedly his ‘11’ moment, so turn it up and ensure you listen to it ‘one louder’! Yes, we know Spinal Tap isn’t a sequel itself, but that just goes to show how original an artist Dim Chris is!

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