DJ Prime & Kastra Ft Big Ali - Tooty


What do apples, pears, peaches, watermelon, and even grapes have in common? One, they are all juicy and delicious. Two, they are healthy. Three, they have all been known to resemble big and beautiful bootys. It is no coincidence that when you shake a tree full of fruit, the booty-shaped fruit always drops first.

After years of being bout that life, surrounded by fruit platters and amazing asses, DJ Prime, Kastra, and Big Ali discovered the biomimetic correlation between booty and fruit. After decades of grueling research, they have finally published their work, “Tooty”.

To quote the research, “Girl it’s ya duty, to shake that tooty fruity.” "Tooty" is pure poetry set to blaring synth trumpets, big drums, and a massive bassline.

To back up 'Tooty', the collab between DJ Prime & Kastra featuring Big Ali on vocals, we’ve enlisted the help of a few friends to deliver a stellar remix package. Melbourne’s Chris Bullen has upped the ante with an electro inspired remix with a cheeky trap drop mid track, while SpydaT.E.K (who has previous support from Diplo) has put together a bouncy trap mix will have you working those trap arms and Kreuger & Dixie round up the bass inspired pack with a nice twerk number.