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French electro floor smasher duo Donovan, is composed by Nicolas Nekmouche & David Saïd. They met in the mid 90’s at school, they became friends when Nicolas moved up in David’s neighborhood (Parisian Chinatown). They began to do music together in 2007 around some Chinese noodles.

From their small beginnings on Myspace, Donovan have become part of the formidable wave of French producers 
outputting some the world’s best electronic dance music today!

From the straight up classic hip house of 'Bang' to the elegant down tempo melodica of 'Shaft', it's easy to see why these Frenchies have been remixers of choice for the likes of Sebastian Tellier, Teenage Bad Girl, Vitalic and Demon to name a few.


1. Chord

2. Bang

3. Emotronic

4. Ventura

5. Yo !

6. Shaft

7. Bang (Dub Version)

8. Yo ! (Blackstrobe Remix)

9. Yo ! (Dinamics Scratched Remix)

10. Yo ! (Acid Jacks Remix)

11. Yo ! (Mixhell Disco Crack Remix)


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