Flip Monks - Kickin (Mutants)


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Deciding upon a name for your new act can be a tricky process, fraught with the difficulties of finding something unique and original. But, for the Flip Monks, nothing could be further from the truth; the moniker, quite literally, wrote itself.

First off, they are brothers in real life so what better way to echo this fact? Second, they both admit music is their religion and, third, in a secretive Daft Punk-esque maneuver they want to preserve their anonymity, a trend many brotherhoods have practiced and perfected over millennia. And they’re dedicated; boy, are they dedicated. Not only have these guys already played alongside the likes of Albin Meyers and Mutant’s ruling Abbot John Dahlback, they’re also masters when it comes to graphic animation and have VJ’d alongside Avicii, Eric Prydz and Basement Jaxx. Not bad for a highly creative pair who have only recently taken up the habit!

Now they demonstrate there’s little chance of a vow of silence with ‘Kickin’, a debut track with more impact than a charge of angry Shaolin. As one Brother Monk elaborates in true, non-pacifist fashion,”We started this track with the idea of making a real heavy hitter. The audio equivalent of a ‘kick-in-the-face’!”

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