John De Sohn - Dance Our Tears Away feat Kristin Amparo


artworks-000035617847-c89048-crop Björn Johnsson, better known as John De Sohn, is a uniquely talented DJ/producer from Stockholm, Sweden. With inspiration derived from groups such as Kraftwerk and Daft Punk, Björn's parents encouraged him at an early age to follow his interest in electronic music. Soon after, he quickly became involved in the club scene and found himself as Resident DJ in some of the biggest clubs in Sweden. With several DJ competitions, Björn solidified his place in Sweden's EDM scene and began to produce his own original material as John De Sohn.

Today, John De Sohn is a hardworking American-influenced producer who has remixed tracks for top 40-artists such as Bruno Mars and Flo Rida, as well as track support from superstar Djs.

John De Sohn feat Andreas Moe – "Long Time" has gone platinum in Sweden and was Top 10 on the Billboard Dance Chart. The release has also been featured on Tiesto's Club Life Miami – Vol 2. "Long Time" held a Top 10 spot on the Swedish Dance Chart for 20 weeks and was the 30th most played dance track in the USA for 2012.

"Dance Our Tears Away", the latest single from John De Sohn, features vocalist Kristin Amparo, has had a massive release in Sweden and a great showing across other territories. The track us currently top 20 on Spotify's Top 100 tracks (SWE), showing no signs of slowing down and has received major rotation on Swedish commercial and public radio channels. “Dance Our Tears Away” is currently #1 on the Swedish Dance chart, appears on The Voice in Denmark, NRJ and EuropaPlus in Russia, NRJ in Poland and was featured in the trailer for Sweden’s “Dancing With The Stars.