Knight Horse - Sandstorm


Citizens of earth, we give you Knight Horse ‘Sandstorm’ !

SANDSTORM: Like a horseman warrior of the night Knight Horse comes charging through the hordes of glitter thirsty hipsters, saddled with the tightest of top knots, the whitest Nike Hurraches, the faux logo’ed-est long sleeve tee and wielding that most sharpest of Deep house/Indie Disco cuts.. an Excalibur sized weapon simply titled ‘SANDSTORM'.

For those not so familiar with the original club masterpiece:

‘Sandstorm' by Darude entered the iTunes charts again after receiving plays from Peking Duk in performances at major festivals in the past few months. Most notably while playing on the main stage at Stereosonic 2014, where in Sydney they managed to make 40,000 people sit down then jump up and go crazy once it was played.

Peking Duk performance at Stereosonic 2014

The hype and support for Darude’s ‘Sandstorm' has built up again so much so, that he was added as a last minute act on the upcoming Future music 2015 festival tour kicking of this Feb 28th in Sydney.

Having hit high on pop charts all over the world and also featured in many TV commercials including one for Nike featuring basketball Legends Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, This track is one of those Dance anthems that will always be around and sure to be covered, remade, ripped and replayed through out the ages.