Lesware - Rush


With Melbourne Bounce/Sound taking off around the world it seems nowdays like everyone is in a rush to get a slice of the action… fortunately at onelove we’d rather concentrate on quality over quantity… enter Lesware with “RUSH” - a balls-out, finger-pointing, ass-wiggling, saxophone sexy club weapon that “will surely not be confined to bounce arenas alone!

Wait, did we say “saxophones”? Damn straight we did, and believe us if testing this track has proven anything its that when the sax’s blow, crowds explode!

EDM.COM describes “RUSH” as “unlike anything we’ve heard before, taking Melbourne Bounce to new heights” - high praise indeed! So whether its about the girls destined to be running to the DJ booth to request it, or the mad hurry for dancefloors when the sax drops, Lesware’s “RUSH” is bound to live up to it’s title.

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