Lunde Bros - I Wanna Rock It


The concept of family is very important in clubland. Yet it doesn't have to be all about the clubs. Labels are arguably a family too, It's an ethos John Dahlback has always held close to heart as he passionately explains,

"There's a real nucleus of talent emerging on the label. I think my summer comp' Mutants Presents... highlighted this avenue that we're going down, but now, with the Lunde Bros. 3rd release, I feel we're really turning a corner. This was always my intention for Mutants but you can only do so much, the artists have to deliver consistently, so it's very rewarding to see the Lunde Bros. leading the way and our acts nailing it again and again."

‘I Wanna Rock It’ does indeed nail it in with succinct, pin-point accuracy. Tailored to create a true moment of hands in the air euphoria, the track loops its title vocal over an ascending tribalesque drum-program till it gives way to an extended melodic breakdown. The ‘moment’ itself arrives as everything is cleverly produced back into the mix and the break finally gives away to the return of the beats.