Since the launch of his ‘Haunt EP’ on LEKTROLUV, Modek has been the name on everyone’s lips. Touring the globe racking up more miles than a F1 driver, whilst clocking up huge support from fellow luminaires Tiga, Digitalism, Cassius, Boris Dlugosch and Porter Robinson. 

‘Clown In My Kitchen’ EP is Modek’s sixth release on Lektroluv, and here he continues to produce his own distinct uncompromising sound. Title track ‘Clown In My Kitchen’ deploys clever vocals paired with heavy bass lines and driving synths. While ‘Flair’ has a breakdown that only Modek can deliver. The inclusion of an instrumental version of the title track on top, gives this EP huge versatility!

‘Clown In My Kitchen’ EP already has full support from artists such as Tiga, Fake Blood, Beataucue, The Loops Of Fury and more!

Tracklist: Clown In My Kitchen Amp Up Flair Clown In My Kitchen (Instrumental)

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