Mumbai Science - 1975 EP



Early support from Crookers, Fake Blood, Steve Aoki, Acid Jacks, BeatauCue, NT89 & more!

MUMBAI SCIENCE - masters of banging festival anthems and “played-by-everyone” big room techno (who can forget “Ancova”,“Gold” or “Lotus”?!) now deliver us from the ‘1975 EP’, their latest two no-nonsense club-tracks, inspired by dirty warehouse techno but cheerfully colored with weird glitchy synths and catchy vocal snippets – perfect club rave music! The title track ‘1975’ features a deep male voice carelessly asking the crowd “So, What do you wanna do?” The answer is self-evident: "Party all night long and forget about our boyfriends!" While second track, ‘Models’, follows the same recipe as ‘1975’: overdriven warehouse techno extravagance with the lyrics paying tongue in cheek tribute to Mumbai Science’s favorite models. Some will say it’s a blatant rip-off of “Teachers” from Daft Punk, others will call it a homage. But does Mumbai Science even care? Kiesekoms explains: “I don’t know man, we just made this track on one of those drunk afternoons. Is it getting released? Really? Well, I just hope we won’t get beat up by the French mafia again.”

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