OMG026 – Tyken feat. ADL ‘Let It Rain’

Tyken Feat ADL – Let It Rain The outfit behind the 2007 club hit ‘Every Word’ return with a storming return to form with ‘Let It Rain’, a rock solid piece of dance floor dynamite with what has to be one of the nastiest, most effective bass lines of the year.

Check the original with its catchy-as-f**k vocal line, or head straight to the instrumental for a rocking cut that’ll tear the roof off the joint. Think ‘Day n Night’ meets ‘Dance Wiv Me’ and you’re heading in the right direction.


Mixes include…

Radio Edit

Tykens Original Haga Mix

Tykens Original Haga Mix Dub

Tykens Original Haga Mix Instrumental

Trevor Loveys Remix

Trevor Loveys Remix Dub

Dj Nibc & Nils Grogg Remix

Dj Nibc & Nils Grogg Remix Dub

Dj Nibc & Nils Grogg Remix Instrumental

Patrick L Remix

Patrick L Remix Dub

The Only Remix

Chris Fraser Vocal Remix

Chris Fraser Dub


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Released 14-March-09