OMG039 - Marco Demark ‘I Can’t Fight This’

Marco Demark’s new single sees him teaming up with the vocalist behind Cabin Crew’s ‘Star To Fall’. With support from Tiesto, D.O.N.S., Paul Hughes, TV Rock, DJ Fist, Syke n Sugarstarr & more, and now fresh-out-of-the-studio mixes from Stephan Luke and Dave Manna, this main room vocal bomb is set to explode. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mixes include…

Albin Myers & Jonas Sellberg Remix

Marco Demark vs Craig Obey Mix

Andy F Remix

Andy F Dub Mix

Original Club Mix

Original Radio Mix

Stephan Luke Remix

Dave Manna First Light Mix

Dave Manna Stronger Dub


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