OMG048 - Don Diablo ‘Disco Disco Disco’

Don Diablo, officially one of the most blogged, best dressed, most rocking men on the planet. Now the unstoppable producer, musician, imaginary friend, DJ, singer, writer, part-time streaker, visualist, record label boss, invisible hooligan and all round indie electro super hero returns with one of his most striking pieces of mayhem yet – Disco Disco Disco. 

With mixes from Riva Starr & Mowgli, this is one package that demands your immediate attention. 

The universal chorus of blog love for the man has reached fever pitch. Believe the hype... 

"Don Diablo has officially become the most hyped dj/producer of 2009." 

"Don Diablo is a Madman with a genius side, able to produce, DJ, and Remix like no other." 

Surviving the Golden Age 
"Enter Don Diablo. The internet sensation has been a hot commodity lately with remix requests pouring in." Fuck You on Friday 
"Don Diablo is about to steal the top spot on the “producers i wanna fuck” list." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mixes include…

Don Diablo's Drive-by Disco Mix


Riva Starr' SNATCH! rmx

Mowgli Remix


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