OMG095 - Chris James & Danny T ‘Hustlin’

We can't describe Chris James & Danny T’s ‘Hustlin’, so we won’t (except to say it comes with killah mixes from key players like Malente & Oliver $ plus Andy Murphy). Instead we'll tell you a little bit about how this record came about: Danny:                  Yo. Sup? I got a new tune.

onelove:              Cool, can we hear it?

Danny:                  Nah

onelove:              Okaaaaaay......

Danny:                  It's gonna be massive

onelove:              Well, we can’t comment if we don't hear it....What's it called?

Danny:                  hustlin, cause that is what i'm doing to you.

onelove:              alright you got us. We gotta have this record!

Danny:                  What record?

onelove:              Hustlin, dude.

Danny:                  Don't know what you’re talkin about man. Gotta go...(click)


Mixes include…


Malente Remix

Oliver $ remix

Andy Murphy What remix


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Released 29-May-2010