OMG105 – Reekay Garcia ‘Para Ti’


Following on from 2009’s rather sizeable Back To The Beat, which garnered support far and wide from the likes of David Guetta, Andy George, Dabruck & Klein, Larry Tee, Malente, Thomas Gold, Stafford Brothers, Shir Khan, DJ Delicious and many more, Reekay Garcia offers up an eagerly awaited new bouncy big room house gem that’s bound to cause similar devastation. 

Using a looped French accordion to build a razor sharp hook, and with mixes from Christian Luke (who’s on record as saying this is his best work to date), The Hump Day Project, Spain’s Nick & Danny Chatelain and Sharif D, Para Ti is another premium quality slice of home grown club goodness that’ll impress on floors far and wide. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mixes include…

Original Mix

Christian Luke Remix

Nick & Danny Chatelain Remix

The Hump Day Project remix

Sharif D remix


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Released 8-May-2010