OMG106 – Bart B More ‘Romane’


  Onelove welcomes the rather excellent French label Sound Pellegrino to the family, kicking off proceedings with the latest from our buddy Bart B More entitled ‘Romane’. 

Romane is an instant crowd pleaser which relies on three simple ingredients: an unforgettable riff, a sick beat, and one of the most seriously earth shattering, body shaking, mind motivating alarm siren that just screams "get up and dance, young hero, it's time to save the world". 

Parisian wonders, Youngunz alumni and overall little rascals French Fries and Bambounou chop up the melody, give it a friendly noogie and then proceed to take it with them to an afterparty in San Francisco curated by the Martin Brothers and a dude wearing a giant bacon strip costume. Sexy, classy, efficient and fun. 

Up and coming Dutch producer Rubix takes the essence of the track and beautifully turns it into a crazy giant mariachi fiesta that litterally explodes in your ear. 

And finally, Gucci Vump, the infamous top secret duo made up of Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes, deliver their first remix since their stellar Sha! Shtil! EP on Sound Pellegrino last year. Focusing their energies on the siren, just the siren and only the siren, they bring it to a legendary level of ravy fierce funky house next levelness. Tiësto wishes he was them for real now.


Mixes include…


Para One remix

French Fries & Bambounou remix

Rubix remix

Gucci Vump remix


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Released 18-March-2010