OMG107 – Bassjackers ‘Rocker’


Snarling and growling like a prowling panther, and tipping its hat ever so slightly to Proxy’s ‘Raven’, the new jam from Bassjackers is one mean kitty with a bad attitude. 

A few shades tougher than your average Dutch house workout, ‘Rocker’ does what it says on the box; putting some solid hairy cojones on display and rocking out with its proverbial out. 

The mix selection isn’t too shy either, with the club killer himself DJ Rockid, plus Apster & Dj Danjah & Ralph May turning in solid club work outs to round out the package. 

And as a bonus, you get the solid percussive groove workout ‘Gnocco’. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mixes include…


Dj Rockid remix

Apster remix

Dj Danjah & Ralph May remix

Gnocco (Original)


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Released 3-April-2010