OMG139 - CWB 'Love You Better'





CWB (Crazy White Boy) is the brainchild of respected South African house producers Ryan Murgatroyd and Kosta K. Both experienced and successful DJs and producers in their own right, the pair joined up, a dream team of sorts was born, and the results are hard to ignore.

Love You Better has ruled the South African airplay & pop charts with its catchy subtle chords, African-inspired rhythm and soulful vocals, making the duo a hot live ticket in their native land. One listen and you’ll see why, this is one special house record that grows and grows with each listen. 

To do it justice, we enlisted high flying 
Aussie goal-kicker of the hour Bass Kleph, who delivered a storming club interpretation that destroys any floor it comes in contact with, as well as Sneakerz wizz kid Franky Rizardo, who’s Story Of Love we brought you recently.

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