OMG172 - Olav Basoski 'New Day'



Nearly a decade after his last Defected released single – the massive and irrepressible “Opium Scumbagz – Olav Basoski returns in full glory with his latest full-on, feel-good house anthem – ‘New Day’

This is a timely reminder, injecting a much need dose of filtered funk into our northern hemisphere compatriot’s mid winter gloom, and prime example of why this legendary Dutch DJ / producer is having somewhat of a house music renaissance of late!

Having consistently delivered over 100 filtered, fun & funky releases under his various pseudonyms, spanning 2 decades, Olav Basoski & Defected UK return with a good time tune that looks set to blow up in Miami this year and hang on long enough to be an Ibiza anthem for the beach bars and terraces all over the island.

Accompanied by the disco-tastic remix from Canada’s on form brotherly duo Redroche – not only is this a ‘New Day’ it’s a Good Day!!




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