OMG205 - Dangerous Dan 'Hit It'



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Dangerous Dan is back with one of his yearly dance floor weapons this time coming via the good party people at Dim Mak Records.

While he has (self confessed) been lacking in quantity, he certainly makes up for in quality. His first record a game changer with AROUND THE WORLD AGAIN. Then the glitzy THE RITZ a loud, gay, cheesy bomb with a giant breakdown (some would say it gave 'we no speak americano' a run for its money) and now to no surprise he has nailed it for the third time in a row with HIT IT, an epic late night house weapon to make people dance deep and hard while humping/pumping speakers.

Supports from all the bros, Brodinski to Busy P to Switch to Beni (of course it's his brother) to 2many DJs to Diplo to Tiga to Joel Magic to heaps of cool underground DJs in Berlin, Ibiza and Melbourne.

And it goes a little something like this… HIT IT

Check out the track here: