Phonat - Fire


“Phonat is EASILY the most underrated producer out there now. Fuck, he’s amazing.” – SKRILLEX

“Fire” departs from the typical experimental electronica we’re accustomed to hearing” – DANCING ASTRONAUT

The allusive 7 foot Italian maverick known as ‘Phonat’ has become one of the most respected and esteemed electronic producers in Europe over the last few years. Armed with a five year old laptop and a Fender Strat, Phonat creates genre bending electronic music encompassing French house, D&B, nu disco, mash up, metal, trip hop, ragga, down tempo, funk, fidget, electro and rock. From the hypnotic ‘It’s For You’, the ground breaking ‘Learn to Recycle’ and the dysfunctional masterpiece ‘London’ of Phonat’s first album to the downtempo 'Cockroaches EP' and 2014’s ‘Never' receiving high rotation on Triple J, Phonat now returns with his latest offering ‘Fire ft. Jolie and The Key’. Premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, ‘Fire ft. Jolie and The Key’ sees Phonat once again putting the torch to expectations of what modern electronic music should be.

“Phonat is a sonic chemist of impressive capability who successfully mixes unlikely source components to create something fresh. He’s bound to influence rookie producers in his wake” – BBC MUSIC

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