"Phonat is EASILY the most underrated producer out there now. Fuck, he’s amazing. I do not know why he isn’t the biggest thing out there." - Skrillex

“Phonat is a sonic chemist of impressive capability who successfully mixes unlikely source components to create something fresh. He’s bound to influence rookie producers in his wake” – BBC Music

“In the span of his two originals, Phonat shows so many sides of his production ability, with soulful downtempo in Never, and an older underground glitch hop sound in Phase to Face, reminiscent of his Identity Theft EP.”- SalaciousSound


Following from last summer’s meticulously glitched Identity Theft EP, Phonat is back with his Never EP, a collection of two originals and two remixes that pay homage to funk and iconic 90’s British electronic sounds from a viewpoint far in the future.

Never, is a bass-riffed funk weapon wrapped up with Eastern accoutrement in an electronic cellophane, its surreal high gloss is checked by a series of subtle glitches.

The following cut, Phase to Face, is a syncopated, dystopian offering that filters 2-step garage and IDM through the lens of a 22nd century robot.

The subsequent reworking of Never by Asa & Sorrow adds a frenetic dash of breakbeat energy to the original, while a take from Icarus (which serves as the recording’s final track) embellishes with a retro futurist disco flair that seamlessly morphs into early 90’s house synth.

Tracklist 1. Never 2. Phase To Face 3. Never (Asa & Sorrow Remix) 4. Never (Icarus Remix)