OMG133 - Round Table Knights 'Cut The Top'


  The Knights of the Round Table were a group of gallant and noble men who earned the reward of being appointed to the highest order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur. Whoops, sorry wrong story - we're talking about the kooky Swiss outfit Round Table Knights with their awesomely infectious track Cut To The Top.

Everyone is unique in his or her own way and everyone can be an artist in this era of unlimited possibilities, at least virtually. There is that certain something that nobody can acquire – neither with money nor with effort, that natural charisma or a certain aura. Whatever it maybe the Round Table Knights have it and with the wind at their backs it‘s taken them on a ten year journey from the Swiss province to the high plateaus of contemporary dance music where they have recently pitched their tents in the camps of Mowgli’s Deadfish label and Jesse Rose’s Made To Play label in preparation for the next climb.

A collaborative effort between Round Table Knights and the Swiss garage-rock legend Reverend Beat-Man, Cut To The Top combines elements of garage and blues with the duoʼs instantly recognizable chugging house beats. Forget the chivalry, all you need to do is dance!

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Cut To The Top featured on Onelove's Smash Your Stereo 2010

Released 2-October-2010