Skin & Bones - Save Me (Ft. Quails)


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.47.25 PM After the success of their ‘Tunnel Snakes EP’ last year, it has been up and outward bounds for this Canberra duo. Following in the foot steps of fellow Canberran juggernaut hero’s like the Ashton Shuffle and Peking Duk, These fine chisel faced house music dream boats are commanding every main dance floor from the countries capital and beyond to SAVE our souls from EDM persecution. Their apocalyptic army is one that even the Persian king Xerxes would tremble in fear of and it was only a matter of time before Skin & Bones returned with their next single “Save Me feat. Quails” through onelove. This may not be Sparta but King Leonidas still found time to have his wiggle on the dance floor.

QUAILS is the solo project of Sydney based singer and producer Amy Pes. Having already collaborated with a number of electronic artists including Jordan F, Barretso, Tom Piper and Purple Sneakers DJs, 2016 is set to take off with the Skin & Bones single followed by QUAILS' debut EP, an ambient blend of dark pop with 90's R'n'B undertones, glimmering synths, bold beats and emotive soul infused vocals.

Save Me is a feel good record vocal deep house record, it is the perfect combination of keys, vocals, sub driven frequencies and a catchy groove. Making it the perfect dance floor destroyer to really push the club into third gear.

 Radio Play

  • Premier on Triple J House Party with KLP Jan 23rd
  • RAW FM – Added to rotation.