Slice N Dice - Galleon



'Avast Ye Mateys' is an old times pirate speak term used by Jack Sparrow type blokes to command ship-mates to stop what they are doing. “Avast” means stop, “ye” means you and “mateys” means uhm.. mates. Its also an appropriate term to bring attention to the latest banger from masked mischief men Slice N Dice - funnily enough titled “Galleon”.

Both feared and revered in equal measure by DJs local & abroad, Melbourne’s ‘Bounce’ scene has invaded the good ship “Electro” in recent months, pulling alongside un-suspecting dance merchants, looting & plundering innocent dance-floors with its scurvy inducing late night sound. Its from this scene “Galleon” has been already raising hell on both the high seas & land, working its way like a thief in the night into the sets of Melbourne’s most notorious underground dance pirates.

We don’t yet know if the “Pirate Jig” could become the new “Juicy Dance” but one thing is certain, “Galleon” is destined to fire cannonballs of electro filth into big room dance spaces worldwide!