The Subs - Cling To Love


The sound of love, the sound of 2 people clinging to each other like it was their last day on earth. ‘Cling To Love’ by Belgium beatmakers The Subs sounds exactly like that and it’s coming out on ONELOVE July 25.

This is an organic and bright electronic pop song with sparkling synths and enchanting vocals from Jay Brown (The sister of VV Brown). This is a song will make you want to jump in a pool, put your head out of the window of a driving car and make love under the stars!!

The original featured on their brilliant album Hologram and now this full release package features an array of incredible new remixes with the legendary London producer, Fake Blood leading the charge and stripping it down to a groove based dub that will move any dancefloor. Next up is Blende, adding super uplifting and joyful summer vibes that assure to ease you into the sunshine just right. A similarly brilliant piece of work comes from Turbo recordings own Joefarr with a juicy, uncompromising and powerful version taking cues from the early days of Techno.

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