Tiga Vs Boys Noize - 100 (Remixes)


Tiga follow up to ‘Bugatti’ which was #1 on the ARIA Club Chart for 7 weeks running with a massive Boys Noize collab!

It's been a long time in the making - from their early days as label-mates on the legendary Gigolo records, these two dons have remixed each other and DJ'd back-to-back, but not until now have they teamed up so completely, or to such devastating effect.

With a distinct nod to their electro roots, ‘100’ shows them in devastating form. As with ‘Mind Dimension’, ‘Let's Go Dancing’, or ‘Bugatti’, the magic lies in the packaging of true pop into a compact, techno power-punch with underground credibility intact. Both Tiga and Boys Noize are versatile artists who yearn for more than the obvious tropes of EDM, embracing extremes, fitting in the esoteric, being connoisseurs of a multitude of micro-genres of electronic music. On ‘100’, both producers come through clearly: the slamming drums and acid Boys Noize has so thoroughly mastered combine with the clever vocal hooks and rave-style breakbeat flourishes that are the feathers in Tiga's boa. On the eve of BNR's 10 year celebrations, where the two will headline a series of 6 shows together, Turbo & Onelove proudly presents '100.'

Supporting this massive collab we’ve enlisted the help of some big names of the Australian dance music world. Beni leads the charge with his vibe remix, with heavy hitting remixes from Acid Jacks, Dance Cult, Terace, Pablo Calamari and Señor Roar.