Wolfgang Gartner - Turn Up (Ft. Wiley & Trina)


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.47.25 PM Take one American dance legend. Add an O.G. grime and garage rapper. Toss in the baddest bitch of them all. And what do you have? Turn Up the lead single off Wolfgang Gartner’s upcoming album featuring Wiley and Trina.

Gartner's been down, but not out, as of late, having taken himself off the road in February of this year. In a Facebook post to fans, Wolfgang noted "My health has been declining while on the road [...] where I am having cardiac issues that make it unsafe for me to be in that environment. My doctor, family and loved ones have asked and advised me not to continue touring [...]. Thank you for your understanding and again, my apologies."

Well, he's back and he's sounding better than ever on "Turn Up," which pairs some punchy squelches atop big drums while Wiley and Trina go h.a.m. on the verse(s).

Of the track, Gartner says to Revolt TV

"'Turn Up' for me was really about having fun making music. You'll probably hear me say that a lot when it comes to all the songs on the album. I had always created music with a purpose in mind like “this one will work in clubs” or “I need something for festival crowds," but it’s easy to get a little burnt out that way. So I took some time away and just started making music for fun, like I did over 20 years ago in my parents' house where it all started. I’d been listening to some UK grime rappers around the time I made the initial beat for "Turn Up," so I sent the track to Wiley and he was into it. When we got his vocals back he was talking about “This goes out to the ladies” and I thought it would be dope if we got a female rapper on it to play into that. I knew it had to be Trina, she was exactly the voice I heard on it in my head. So I sent it to her team, she loved it and recorded her verse. It was about making music that I liked, having fun, with no ulterior motives or agenda. I felt like a kid in my bedroom fucking around with my first drum machine just enjoying himself not thinking about money, touring, the fast life, and all the other stuff that can sometimes make you lose sight of why you even started producing in the first place."