Wolfgang Gartner - Unholy


After eight months of silence since his last original release L.A. House producer, Wolfgang Gartner, is back to reveal new single and new direction with ‘Unholy ft Bobby Saint’.

Dance music has been the backbone of Gartner's existence for 20 years to this point, there has been countless trends throughout the decades, many subgenres and sounds have come and gone, and he has morphed his own sound over those years as well. But Garner felt it was time for him to do something different than what he had been doing, something different than anybody else was doing, and something that would hopefully tip the scales against the soulless barrage of "EDM."

Instead of just paying attention to the sound that was dominating the festivals and airwaves, he saw excitement with an undercurrent of, albeit rare, crossover dance music success that was happening simultaneously.  To Gartner it meant that a lot of people still wanted dance music that you could dance to, and that was what he wanted to make again.

‘Unholy’ is a track this instantly grabs your attention and transforms you to the dancefloor. With its varying degrees of soul and funk, but done in a way it has never been done before. Gartner wanted it to make people feel happy when they listened to it, and he's managed to do just that !!